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Asthma Can Affect the Risk of Heart Disease

The people who have asthma regularly could be the patient of severe heart disease to a greater extent. According to the American heart association, the people who have asthma can have the risk of heart rhythm disorder almost 1.5 times higher than the rest of the people. The heart rhythm disorder is known as atrial fibrillation in the medical terminology and the people who have persistent asthma have the risk of having it more than anyone else. The people who have asthma and have to take medicines regularly to control the situation were diagnosed with atrial fibrillation most of the time than the people who don’t have asthma. Actually, the common risk factor of both the disease is the inflammation and who have persistent asthma go through the information a lot. And this information sensation connects both the disease with a fine line. Previously the doctors thought that this connection is made by the markers of inflammation in blood but later on the did a study in which they found out that if the inflammation blood workers are changed, the relationship among both the disease did not change at all. So the presumed that there must be a unique pattern of the inflammation in the body which can cause the risk of having atrial fibrillation.

There are also a lot of studies done in different countries about this. Among all other countries, the people in Norway who have asthma were 38% more likely to go through the risk of having atrial fibrillation. Also, almost 5.2 million people have this disease in America and it can even cause the complete failure of heart and other complex diseases related to heart and blood clots. If this type of clot leaves the heart and goes to your brain, you can have a brain stroke almost immediately. Name the people who have atrial fibrillation to have 5 times more risk than the other people to have a brain stroke in this way. So it is indeed a great point of worry in the medical world.

In real life, more than 25 million people in America have asthma due to the pollution in the country and this can lead to serious inflammation in the body and lungs get seriously damaged by this type of chronic disease. And if asthma stays for so long then it can cause shortening of breath and also heart disease. According to the experts, both the disease have their common origin which is systemic inflammation. And that is why both of the diseases make a close connection between each other. The only remedy for this problem is that a patient with asthma should take care of their heart problems very seriously. That is why they should do some exercise and also maintain a healthy diet according to their heart situation. The average should be made by the doctor itself because all the patients are more likely to listen to their doctors than any other thing in the world. And that is why doctors are quite responsible in this matter to the most.

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