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Statue of Jefferson Davis taken down by the protestors in Virginia just a day after the statue of Christopher Columbus 

The Virginia protesters manipulated the statue of the Confederate President Jefferson Davis. The protestors in Virginia painted the statue with different color and manipulating the image of it. This happened after the incident of last night when it was toppled on Wednesday along Monument drive. According to the reports by our sources, it was confirmed that the statue was found on the ground on Wednesday night. The police officials of the Richmond police department quickly responded to this hate crime. Just after this news came out several reporters approached the Richmond Police Department for more information and news.  Jefferson Davis was the president of the Confederate states when the United States of America was facing civil wars. According to the sources, the statue of Jefferson Davis was the second which was taken down by the Virginia protestors in just two days.

On Tuesday some of the reporters reported the news of gathering of almost 1000 people, which were supposedly the Virginia protesters. In starting all of it was a peaceful protest. But later on, things changed very quickly these protestors turned down violent and took down the statue of Jefferson Davis. Apart from this statue the protestors have demolished or manipulated that statue of other great leaders also.  The protestors demolished the statue of Christopher Columbus. These protestors were so much violence that they took down the statue with the help of ropes and threw that statue in the park. Later on, with the help of the police officials, the remains of the statue were shifted to any safe place which was away from the protestors. All of these protests started when a black person named George Floyd was murdered by white police officials in the United States of America. Due to this murder, almost the whole nation started protesting against racism.

Even the president of the united states of America Donald Trump issued several statements on the ongoing protest occurring inside the United States of America. Slowly all of these protests which were happening to end the racism have taken the face of violent crimes. Virginia protesters are a good example of protestors turning violent and taking law in their own hands. When the statue of Christopher Columbus and Jefferson Davis was taken down by the Virginia protesters, they said that these people are the culprits of murdering the indigenous people; they are murders so we would not allow putting their statues in the United States of America.

These Virginia protesters openly said in the public before taking down the statue of the Jefferson Davis that they are going to demolish the statue of two people who were responsible for this racism and hate among us. Not only these statues we will demolish every other statue in the United States of America who symbolizes slavery and racism. We will demolish the racism form the history of the United States of America this time.

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