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Iowa Caucuses has melted down due to systematic disaster

The Iowa Democratic Party decided to use a brand new app to see the result of their Iowa Caucuses but due to some systematic glitch, the whole procedure came to an abrupt halt. There was no training arranged for the precinct chairs and that is why they could not download the app on log into it properly during the resulting period. So Mr. Sean Bagniewski who is the chairman of the Democratic Party instructed to remove the app from the system and scrap all its data. Show all the precinct chairs should call for the results which were the conventional way of doing it from earlier days.

But after all these incidents, when the actual time of results came, no precinct chair members could connect the leaders on call and that is why Mr. Bagniewski had to send his executive to check the matter and declare the results on her own. But she also returns without any explanation. This is the way how the whole confusion was created instantly. The results were not declared in public because of some inconsistencies but the states completely denied the threat of being hacked. Due to this type of confusion, different parties declared they’re winning differently and this phenomenon created broad chaos altogether. This is the reason why the former chairman of the Democratic Party, Mr. Derek Eadon called it a system-wide disaster.

If you want to know what were the exact problems regarding the result declaration of Iowa Caucuses then we have to go through the whole procedure and its confusion. At first, Iowa Caucusesgoers get together for the support of the candidates. The precinct chairs a particular worksheet where the result is written. Then this time there were two ways to declare this result. One was the mobile app which created a problem due to the downloading and installation problem and another one is the calling lines. From all these years they used to keep 3 hotlines to know the results publicly. And in this scenario, if a candidate passes some information then and some confusion is created among the public itself which is harmful to the whole atmosphere.

The app training was not given to the members earlier and that is why they faced trouble during the download or login time. After this debacle, they started to use the calling lines to know the result and immediately the lions got jammed for pressure. According to the chairman of the democratic party, Mr. Bagniewski, proper training should be given to the precincts because most of them were new to the app and there was a high chance for this kind of systematic disaster due to lack of knowledge. But somehow the results were declared later through the conventional way and the Democratic Party told that declaring results was their priority in any way. And finally, all the candidates left for New Hampshire after the result declaration after giving victory speech according to their turns.

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