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General Surgeons Say That There Is No Such Enough Evidence To Prove, E-Cigarettes Help To Stop Smoking!

No one is there who is not aware of the hazards of smoking on their health. It has been estimated that e-cigarettes help be a tool to help smokers in quitting it. It is just an estimation that e-cigarettes are helpful at quit smoking, but no evidence is proven yet for this. To claim the statement right, there is no scientific evidence present. Even, there are shreds of evidence made, which proves that many young people are introduced with tobacco through e-cigarettes.

The Surgeon General Jerome Adams, stated for specific evidence on Thursday, at that time, he just spoke about 2020 surgeon general report on tobacco. The report of this year, which is the 34th report, which is the first in three decades states that, smoking cessation specifically.

In the heated debate, the report comes in the middle, which is about flavored e-cigarettes. According to the people’s health survey, e-cigarettes are proven to hook kids. In January, the Food and Drug Administration claims to ban all products relates to e-cigarettes. There are a few exceptions, such as menthol and tobacco flavored pods.

Thursday, a news conference set up, in which Adams announced, that the urged people towards e-cigarettes should focus on the research, to reduce the consumption of it.

There is a lot of researches made on can e-cigarettes help to quit tobacco consumption. In these studies, there are various products used, that is why the searches made on an e-cigarette is not the whole. Adams said that the addition made of different products in the studies has changed. Countless others are available on the market.

But, the researches made on e-cigarettes are proven to be unsuccessful in finding the conclusions for the searches on e-cigarettes to conclude whether it helps in quit smoking or not. Adams said that he encouraged the firms to submit the applications to the Food and Drug Association to find the result, whether it is beneficial for the smoker to quit smoking or not.

It is estimated, according to the research that, around 70% of smokers want to quit the habit of smoking. And, near about half of the smokers quit smoking as well each year.

Many of the smokers are even not taking the benefits of the tools available to help in quitting the habit of smoking.

Adams recommends different approaches, which helps in quitting the smoking habit. The FDA approved medications, behavioral counseling, and many other therapies, which helps in quit smoking. Through the internet-based services and text message, the therapy is given to smokers to help them quit smoking.

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