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Post Coronavirus effects may also be seen in the coronavirus patients

According to the DR. Joseph from one of the leading medical institute recently said that coronavirus is so much dangerous for human beings that even after treated on. Post coronavirus symptoms will be seen in Coronavirus patients such as PTSD. The doctor said that all of us should come ahead to help those coronavirus patients not only physically but also mentally as well as socially.

According to the latest reports from the United States of America agency currently, there are 5 million people infected with the coronavirus. There have been a large number of casualties also due to the coronavirus due to the global pandemic coronavirus. According to the WHO, there have been around 300k+ people died due to this pandemic. The situation is getting worst day by day. Some medical reports suggest that the coronavirus can affect the whole organ system of the human body, such as heart, lungs, kidney as well as cardiovascular rhythmicity of the body.

There are some brave and Lucky souls also who managed to survive from this fatal global pandemic coronavirus. Some of the sickest people somehow managed to get well from this virus. But the situation has not been better for them still; there are so many post effects of the coronavirus which could be seen in those recovered patients. One of the most noticeable and prominent dangers is the mental illness and post-traumatic stress from which these patients will suffer. As fast as the number of positive coronaviruses cases is increasing day by day the risk factors of these things are increasing.

For many years, our scientists and medical professionals know that when a person gets too sick or suffers from a very fatal disease. Then after the recovery, the chances of Post-traumatic stress and depression are always there which may lead to increased fear, anger, and avoidance from the social life. It has been noticed that in such persons there have been always the fear of death in their mind which leads them to completely avoid strangers. They think that their death will happen at any time and in a very painful way which they don’t want. Some of the doctors of the US also say that in some cases the patients get unable to move due to too much fear inside their mind. These patients often lose their consciousness.

When that patient is in hospital then he surely gets some negative vibes and later on when he/she gets recovered, these vibes turn into nightmares and hallucinations. They frequently suffer from bad dreams.

It has been studied in the various reports that fatal disease and long term hospitalization causes inflammations in the brain. Due to such inflammation, the brain of these patients receives much more adrenaline than normal people. The over secretion of adrenaline leads to the activation of the Amygdala which is often called the fear center of the brain. This is the main reason why patients fear so much after the recovery.


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