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Coronavirus Killed Thousands In Secrets Too, All Countries Now Revising COVID 19 Death To Toll

Coronavirus Killed Thousands In Secrets Too, All Countries Now Revising COVID 19 Death To Toll

Zone From China To The US, All Countries are now revising this death toll due to the Noval coronavirus pandemic. They are now counting death that the happened outside hospitals and attributable to COVID 19

The novel coronavirus is a malevolent silent intruder. We all now at list this much about the latest human coronavirus. Now, it has emerged that it is a silent killer as well. The chronology of the reckoning is interesting.

Recently, US intelligence agencies debate weather china, “deliberately” under-reported its number of cases and deaths due to the novel coronavirus outbreak. The report suggests that US intelligence dispatches, which also doubted the Wuhan bet market theory of the origin of COVID-19 from China reached up to the White House.

At least two heads to state–Donald Trump of the US and Emmanuel Macron of France–have publicly doubted the china’s reported numbers for infection and death due to COVID-19 the disease caused by the novel coronavirus.

While this debate over the number was still region at different levels in the US government, China suddenly revised its figures for death due to COVID-19 last the revised death toll for Wuhan–the epicenter of the novel coronavirus outbreak–China upped the count by 1,290 almost 50 percent higher than the previous death toll. Now the revised death toll for Wuhan stood at 3,869 and chinas at 4,632.

This strengthened the narrative that china under-reported coronavirus cases and deaths. but it is not yet certain whether China actually knew about these deaths. And there is corroborative evidence from other countries too.

China’s revision of death fingers happened also in the backdrop of a report saying that hundreds of urns were lying unclaimed outside funeral homes in the coronavirus-hit region of the country. China conducted the funerals of COVID-19 positive persons almost immediately, after their death. and in the nearest crematorium. many of these funerals were conducted even without the consent or presence of the family members of the deceased.

just as China revised its death toll due to COVID-19, the US, Italy, Spain, and the UK too admitted that their official figures were a sort of “under-reporting” of novel coronavirus cases and deaths.

New York City last week it’s coronavirus death toll by 3,778 pushing the overall fatality up by over 55 percent in a single day American authorities said these that were linked to COVID-19 but had previously not been counted under the head of the coronavirus pandemic.

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