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Corey Feldman New Documentary: Accuses Charlie Sheen of Sexually Abusing Corey Haim

When he first began fundraising, after 3 years, Corey Feldman‘s (My) Truth: The Rape of Two Coreys documentary is eventually here. Corey Feldman contends that Charlie Sheen sodomized his friend Corey Haim while filming 1986 film Lucas, in the recent documentary, which pledges to quote Hollywood abusers. The former child star remembers that Haim “went into great detail” about the apparent rape, and he furnishes a graphic account of the occurrence,  according to Entertainment Weekly. Sheen has withheld this testimony in the past but has still to remark on statements made in Feldman’s documentary.

In (My) Truth: The Rape of Two Coreys, Feldman records men who allegedly sexually assaulted him and Haim as children. These include Sheen, actor Jon Grissom, and former talent manager Marty Weiss (Grissom and Weiss have negated allegations of abuse). It is reported by EW that the documentary inscribes a big fraction of time to Haim’s assertion against Sheen, details of which the star allegedly disclosed to Corey Feldman years ago. “This was not like a one-time element he told in ratifying. It was not similar ‘Oh, by the way, this happened.’ He got on into considerable circumstance,” a weeping Feldman means of Haim. “He said to me, ‘Charlie bent me over in between two trailers. Charlie Sheen put Crisco oil on my butt. He raped me in broad daylight. Anybody could have strolled by, anybody could have noticed it.’” When the actors acted concurrently on Lucas, Sheen was 19 years old and Haim, who died in 2010 from pneumonia, was 13 years old.

According to EW, Susannah Sprauge, Feldman’s ex-wife also contends that Haim published facts of the plausible rape. “He shared with me that on the set of Lucas, he was raped as a small child,” she tells. “He said to me that it was his costar.  He also informed me that it was Charlie Sheen that did it to him.” In November 2017, late actor Dominick Brascia — who is also named in (My) Truth as one of Haim’s declared abusers — came ahead with similar testimonies. It shows, a documentary by Corey Feldman lies in truth.

In a proclamation furnished to the National Enquirer, Brascia asserted that Haim confessed that Sheen raped him on the set of Lucas. “He informed me they smoked pot and had sex,” said Brascia. “He said that they had anal sex. Haim said after it occurred Sheen became very rough and opposed him. When Corey Feldman expected to trick around furthermore, Charlie was not interested.” Sheen publicly disavowed the testimonies at the time. “Charlie Sheen categorically rejects these testimonies. He totally refutes the assertion,” told his representative in a declaration. EW broadcasts that the Two and a Half Men star later prosecuted the National Enquirer and Brascia for slander; after much back and forth, Sheen rejected the case and the groups decided out of court. The premiere of (My) Truth: The Rape of Two Coreys was afflicted with technical problems, so Feldman’s documentary will re-air today at 3 p.m. EDT/12 p.m. PDT. Tickets to the live stream cost $20 and can be found on the (My) Truth website.

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