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Finally, the African American National Museum of Music is going to launch

The African American Nashville Museum was discussing launching the music museum for a long time now. So finally they have decided to open the doors for the visitors very soon. The date will be 3rd September 2020 for Nashville Museum to open which is also the Labour Day. This date is a weekend and that is why it will not be very tough for the people to reach out to this place. Different sides are selling advanced tickets which are normally reasonable in rate. The price range is very big and it is gaining popularity day by day because of its long anticipation.

The Nashville museum has started to sell the tickets online in advanced. The rate is around 14 dollars to 25 dollars. The people who will buy the tickets will have to choose a certain time slot. The tour is planned as different group tours and whoever will choose the slot will get a unique group to take the tour in the museum. The tours are scheduled for 30 minutes starting from 9 a.m. and the last tour will start from 4 p.m. time. The Nashville Museum will close around 5 p.m. every day for all the visitors. This Museum is the fifth development in the Broadway sector of around 56000 square foot area. The people will be able to see 7 different galleries where all types of music genre will be the theme for it. They are also going to introduce a 200 seated theatre experience which will rotate to give a 360-degree view of the museum.

By creating Nashville African American music museum they are trying to show the people how all the African American people influenced the world of music by their genre of music. This type of work from their side has united all the music lovers throughout the world in all these years. The president of this Museum has told the reporters that this Museum will tell a whole new story to all the music listeners all over the world.  According to him, these stories will clear the soul of people irrespective of their race, religion and caste. This Museum will also give some special awards named Rhapsody and Rhythm to the unique music creators who influenced the world. In 2019 section, they are going to award this special tribute to George Clinton, Doug E Fresh and Gloria Gaynor.

According to the Nashville news, this Museum will draw a lot of attention from all types of people and will be able to unite so many visitors in terms of music. So it is a great initiative from the Nashville Museum of African American music to start their journey to make people understand the story of music worldwide. The special bulletin of news channel 5 has ensured that they have created different slots for booking for the visitors to this museum. So for these reasons the opening of this Museum is going to be a grand gala event for all the music lovers out there.

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