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Pope Francis cancels his public audiences once again

There is this talk spreading about how pope Francis canceled his public audiences for three days in a row. The third and the latest cancellation being the one on February 29. This was due to some slight indisposition, as was termed by the Vatican spokesman, Matteo Bruins. But then, the pope did celebrate the morning Mass in the usual way. This celebration happened in Santa Marta, which is the Vatican guesthouse and also the place of his residing. Also, he held all his private audiences, which he had scheduled for that day. Now, considering that he was able to keep hi private audiences both yesterday and today is an indicator of the fact that his condition is not severe. The Vatican also released a picture of his meeting with hi beatitude, whose name is Sviatoslav Shevchuk. He is the major Archibishop of the Greek Catholic church situated in Ukraine. The pope is aware of the Archibishop for a long time since he was in Buenos Aires. The two of them hold a conversation with each other in Spanish.

According to Mr. Bruni, the pope was a little unwell. He just gave this statement. He didn’t elaborate on this. Mr. Bruni didn’t go into much details of what exactly was wrong with the pope. Vatican reporters and other officials developed a slight idea of the pope catching a regular cold or viral infection. According to sources, maybe this situation happened because of the cold and the windy weather. Pope Francis contracted during the traditional procession and liturgy, which was being held on Aventine Hill and at the church of Santa Sabina in the evening.

Random rumors about coronavirus also spread among people. This news of Pope Francis not being well has spread like anything. Discussion on coronavirus is being held almost everywhere, whether you see the significant officials of firms such as IBM, Microsoft Corporation, or among people dealing with ethics of Artificial Intelligence. So, this meeting of Pope Francis with Ukrainian major archbishop and other three prelates on a recent morning are pieces of evidence of the fact that the pope is in considerable good health. He held his weekly meeting every Saturday morning with Cardinal Marc Ouellet. This was regarding the recruitment of new bishops.

At the same time, there was an announcement in Vatican city that the pope had canceled the public audiences that were scheduled for today. One of these meetings was too much anticipated. It was with the leadership of Legionaries of Christ and also Regnum Christi. But then, the speech of the pope was published. Now, after the announcement of Pope Francis being unwell, the whole city will be waiting to see if the pope appears at the window of the papal study, which is on the third floor of the Vatican’s Apostolic Palace. This wait will happen on March 1, Sunday, sometime around midday. People will be waiting for the pope to address his pilgrims in St. Peter’s Square.

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