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Know how Google Doodle give recognition to Sir John Tenniel

Google has gained international fame by creating nearly 4000 doodles regarding eminent personalities and important events. A proper research brainstorming community is appointed by Google for making significant and impactful doodles. It is mention-worthy that each of the doodle creation is an outstanding initiative. On 28th Feb 2020, the home page surprised everyone with the sketch of Alice in Wonderland. Most of the users must have clicked on the homepage to have a piece of knowledge about this promising graphic work. Google depicts that this day marks the 200th birth anniversary of its British illustrator Sir John Tenniel. He was a famous artist of the nineteenth century. The picture shows Alice staring at the Cheshire cat sitting on a tree. The left arm of Alice is bent in the form of alphabet “L”, which makes the word Google. It is such a creative effort by the team of the most renowned search engine in the world. The credit goes to the artist from London Matthew Cruickshank.

Google’s latest Doodle features familiar cats and smiles.  The technology giant pays tribute to Sir John Tenniel. John Tenniel is an illustrator behind the classic fictional characters of Lewis Carroll’s famous novel “Alice in Wonderland” and “Look through the Mirror”.  Born in London in 1820, Tenniel gained fame as an artist at the age of 16. He published his first work, an oil painting, for an exhibition at the British Artists Association. Tenniel became a political cartoonist in the weekly magazine Punch in 1850. So he developed his own style with the memory of his photographs.

Friday’s Doodle was created by Doodler Matthew Cruickshank, a native of North London. Cruickshank said that as a child he found the illustrations “disturbingly beautiful and strange.”His first illustration was for The Book of British Ballads by Samuel Carter Hall in 1842. Eight years later, he joined the historic weekly magazine Punch as a political cartoonist. Lewis Carroll noticed Tenniel’s distinctive work style and in 1864 he approached the artist to illustrate his book, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

Tenniel’s talent caught the attention of Charles Dodgson, known worldwide as Lewis Carroll, after a presentation in 1864. Later, he drew “Alice in Wonderland”, released in 1865. “1871. Sir John Tenniel then resumed his career as a political cartoonist with a punch. Alice in Wonderland” and his contribution to Punch won the Cavalry Award in 1893. Today’s Google Doodle was created by Matthew Cruickshank. An illustrator in North London said he was inspired by the conversation between Cheshire Cat and Alice. He was honoured with the award of knighthood for Punch as well as Alice in Wonderland by Queen Victoria. It was the first time when a cartoonist was awarded such an honour. This created a revolutionary impact on the new generation. Now they got the high inspiration for making art a career.

 Sir John Tenniel is still remembered for the variety of new features he added in the field of artistic sketching. Detailing of the background features and putting innovative expressions made the characters full of life. Leaving behind the old traditional horizontal lines, he invented the utilization of shaded lines in the form of hatch marks. The illustration of Alice in Wonderland makes the combined impact of fantasy and the real world. It was very fascinating especially to the children who mostly enjoyed the drawings printed even though the story is not understood. It was his 94th birthday approaching in the year 1914. Three days before that, this eminent personality breathed his last on 25th February 1914.

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