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According to NASA, the famous eagle island of Antarctica has become completely ice-free

Recently NASA launched an image where it is seen clearly that a particular side of Antarctica has become ice-free completely. It is looking really beautiful but the situation of this new side is quite terrifying for nature. All the melted ice has gone somewhere and it will increase the water level in so many places throughout the world. Currently, Antarctica is much warmer than Louisiana. The highest temperature which was recorded in Esperanza in Argentina was around 65-degree Fahrenheit. We can say that this temperature is quite higher than so many places around the world which were supposed to be warmer than this and Antarctica melting was the reason for this.

Almost 20% of the snow on a single ice cap of Antarctic ice has already melted in the heatwave that happened between the time of 4th February to 13th February in 2020. When an operational land imager shows the image of this Antarctic glacier melt on Landsat 8, so many things could be seen clearly. They have also compared the picture of Antarctica before and after. Indore pictures it was seen that the eagle Island who was completely covered with snow earlier till 4th February but when the heatwave started it was completely melted till 13th February and also some landmass could be seen. This type of Antarctic melting is increasing the danger of increased water levels throughout the world presently.

They sent a second photo where different small portions were exposed with a light blue colour. These are the areas where some ponds created after The Antarctica melting. 30 pounds soak the heat much more than snow and that is one of the major reasons for the acceleration of the Antarctica melting process. According to , this is quite a serious problem which can lead to environmental damage real soon and we cannot do anything about that at present. These all are the result of global warming throughout the world and it is even increasing day by day which is quite alarming.

According to the famous glaciologist from the Nichols College named Mauri Pelto, she never saw the ponds develop this much quickly in the region of Antarctica. It is completely possible in the case of Alaska or Greenland but it is very much unlikely for Antarctica. In the present situation, so many times researchers have seen the very warm temperature in Antarctica and that is the reason why Antarctica is melting. The recent report of national snow and ice data center, there are some areas in Antarctica where the temperature has increased around 4.5-degree Fahrenheit is the time of 1950. Recently Elon Musk has talked about the sensitivity of climate to the temperature in his talk. He believes that it is very important to look at the atmosphere in terms of absolute temperature and not by the relative temperature to zero. You also things that 4.5 degrees Fahrenheit change is quite a huge for the earth and its climate.

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