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Levante vs Real Madrid: Real Madrid Suffer Shock Defeat, Eden Hazard Injured Again

In the La Liga title race, Real Madrid again loses against Levante.  Before eight days when Clasico meeting in Barcelona the losing score was 1-0. There were only 79 minutes with them for a better score. But, coincidentally Eden Hazard liked off with ankle injury in the 67th minute, which is the main reason to lose. Los balances and Celta Vigo drew up in their previous outing. The situation led them to lead by two pints. They were behind Barcelona by 5-0 just a day earlier.

Real Madrid

Levente is happy to sit back and trace the visitor to hit back to their counter. Los Blancos struggled for breaking down the defensive block at the time of the first half. The side footballer, Karim Benzema’s goal was to achieve the target in 11 minutes, which was a difficult task for them. The less time remained for the target pressurised the Goalkeeper Aitor Fernandez for better blocking of the goal from the corner, but the Brazilian’s aim failed. Real Madrid got two chances, but it was difficult for them to defeat Levante. They also posted on a Twitter account that it was not surprising for them to win.

Luka Modric and Isco have a few chances to win the team as they set up the edge of the box in half. They successfully fired the side of the table at Fernandez. Marcelo picked out Benzema for closing the half, but it shot off, and the defending team break them. In the middle, La Liga Lockdown the cheering from the visitors. Levante has the next round to win, Real Madrid was lead by one point, so it played well on the second half and took the chance of winning for Enis Bardhi. Eden started to score in the second half well and created an excellent opportunity for Enis Bardh opened the score. Courtois also made an excellent score to defeat the effort of Jose Campana. They lighten like a visible limp. The cheer from the crowd becomes more shouter.

On the other side, Los Blancos struggled forward and improved the come off like a devil to defeat against Real Madrid. Every kick to the ball was energetic, which make the audience shout louder. The goal was like an awesome one. The match in between Levante vs Real Madrid was running in the full contest. But soon, the moment came to an end when he fell while chasing the ball. It was a sad moment for the team that their best one got injured. The time was not right, his knee poorly hurt. The stopper tries to pull his arm to stop the ball, but he falls and the hope gone from the wind.

The situation made everyone shock, the best chance gone from the team. But for the team Levante, the chances of winning increases and the chances fell to Borja Mayoral. Varane made the block to the ball. But still, there was the last chance left for Los Blancos from Sergio Ramos. He aimed straight at Fernandez. At Final, Levante won against Real Madrid.

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