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Celebrities started the rally when Quaden Bayles got bullied for dwarfism

Quaden Bayles is just 9 years old and in his age, he has been bullied because of is dwarfism. Recently a video got viral where he was crying uncontrollably in the car of his mother and saying that he does not want to live anymore. It created a lot of awareness throughout the world regarding the problem of bullying in schools and other institutions. A lot of people came into the picture to support Quaden for this. He is from the Queensland state of Australia and his mother named Yarraka Bayles posted the video which became viral and so many people commented for this heart-breaking instance. His mother also stated that he had tried to commit suicide earlier too. His mother also played towards the visitors to educate everyone against bullying.

Gradually the play became a movement and the video was viewed around 16 million times after it got on air on Tuesday. For this, Quaden Bayles received huge support from throughout the world. Among all the people who supported him, the famous actor Hugh Jackman is one of them. He tweeted for Bayles to tell him to consider him as his friend and to be strong against bullying. He also told in the media to be kind to everyone. The famous United States comedian Brad Williams has a fundraising page named Go Fund Me and there he succeeded to raise around 170000 dollars to send Quaden and his mother to a nice trip to Disneyland. He also said that all of these were not for him only but he wants to show the world that the people who you were bullied earlier are worthy of much more in their life.

Quaden Bayles was born with a permanent disease called achondroplasia dwarfism and then he became the main face of the charity house named Stand Tall 4 Dwarfism created by his mother. After birth, he has gone through so many operations and he was bullied in his school because of his condition. Another boy named Williams who has the same disease named achondroplasia stated in Twitter that he is completely spellbound by the huge amount of funds raised for Bayles. In this fund, air tickets are also included for Quaden and his mother for the Disneyland trip.

Recently, Quaden Bayles has also received huge support from the famous National rugby leagues All-stars team. He was offered to lead the team before the prison match of NRL starts on Saturday. The match is going to be against Maori All-Stars in the gold coast of Queensland. All the players from that team wished Bayles lakh for his future endeavour and they assured him to support him in this condition. So true all these initiatives it was cleared that the people from different sectors came together to fight against the matter of bullying each other in schools. The whole world things that it is not ok to you bully each other for their physical illness at all.

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