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Everest: Top Sherpas Condemn The Mountain Debris Cleaning Scheme Of Nepal

Some of the leading mountaineers in Nepal slammed a plan to clear 35,000 kg of waste from the Everest and five other Himalayan peaks. The government says it will use the army to perform the task, costing 860 million rupees ($7.5 million; £ 5.7 million). They succeeded in removing around 10,000 kg of waste in the area last year.

Kami Rita Sherpa has made a record for climbing the highest mountain of the world 24 times. She said that it’s challenging to reach a higher peak.

Sherpa instructed the Nepali to mobilize Sherpas to clean up waste from high altitudes. Exclusive rewards offered to Sherpa guides and porters for the proper cleaning of the mountains. The trash from low altitudes is collected. Plastics banned in the Everest zone of Nepal. Everest from a Sherpa’s head

The six peaks– Everest, Amadablam, Lhotse, Pumori, Dhaulagiri, and Makalu, attract annual climbers from around the world who, in their attempts to reach the peaks, frequently abandon oxygen and gas cylinders, caught equipment and other waste such as food wrappers, canisters or bottles.

But the climb is not easy, and many people die every year-Everest lost eleven people in 2019. Many of the corpses are left in the mountains and need to be clean. Yet objects from higher reaches are particularly challenging to bring down. For several decades, the body and waste have been in snow and ice.

Purba Tashi Sherpa, who has scaled Everest twenty-one times, said that “Climbing Sherpas has to have the right people to clear the tops. Ending this 5 June, Bigyan Dev Pandey, Speaker for the Nepalis Army, said he is very optimistic that his team will be able to reach the higher zones and clean the mountain.

The government of Nepal has implemented steps to encourage people not to litter, demanding a refund of $400, which would return if their waste brought back. However, Sherpas admits that it is not easy. They will fight even with their expertise.

Ang Tshering Sherpa, former President of the Nepalese Mountain Association, told Nepali that Its challenging to bring all the heavy cylinders or dead bodies from the higher camps. Sherpa is always in danger of their lives. Some of the ice bodies weigh up to 150 kg, which Sherpas can’t carry off.

  • The government should help the Sherpas in the cleaning of the mountains by motivating them and encouraging them to clean our environment and keeping it healthy.
  • The government should also implement some rules and regulations for the mountaineers to take there all the litters back and dump them inside the proper garbage disposal area.

Also, they can put penalties or have some money- related schemes for cleaning the Himalayas and other mountains that attract more people to do this work. Not only the Sherpas, but even others should also help in cleaning of the peak or our environment. Nepal is doing a great job, and many other countries should also include these schemes to make their areas cleaner.

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