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How can you get the warning of a stroke?

A brain stroke is a very common phenomenon but it should not be taken lightly at all. Each year around 140000 American people die of brain stroke. The risk of this kind of stroke increases with the age and the people who are the age of around 65 years are more likely to you have the threat of having a brain stroke. The stroke takes place when the blood vessel which supplies blood to our brain is obstructed by some fatty deposit in the lining of the vessel. 87% of the strokes happen in this way. 13% of brain strokes are the hemorrhagic stroke where the blood vessel ruptures. It causes acute bleeding inside the brain and when the blood gets built up then it compresses the brain tissue and the tissue gets damaged and the cell death takes place. But there are some symptoms by which you can know a bit earlier that you are going to have a brain stroke soon.

The first symptom is the drooping of your face. If a particular side of your face groups or gets numb then you must ask that person to smile. If the smile looks uneven then the person I having a brain stroke inside. The second symptom is the weakness in the arms. If a person complains that one of his/her on is getting weak then you have to ask them to raise both the arms simultaneously. If one of the arms is drifting downward then you have to be sure that brain stroke is taking place. The third symptom is the slurring of speech. If a person is unable to speak properly then it is the time to call the hospital as soon as possible because most probably the person is having a brain stroke. Sometimes one can have a problem in seeing or get double vision, a problem in walking, dizziness occurs all the time, having a problem in balance for severe headache and nausea along with vomiting. These are also the symptoms of having a brain stroke. These symptoms can be e treated if it is known early and a step is taken as soon as possible. Because proper guidance is always necessary to remove the risk of having a brain stroke.

The number of people having brain stroke is increasing day by day and even when you are reading this article 10 people have already died of brain stroke in the whole world. Currently, the stress level is increasing among the people due to the busy life and excessive workload and people are more likely to work throughout the day without any enjoyment or entertainment. It is also a very big reason for so many people having a brain stroke. But there should be some time for yourself when you will feel relaxed from all the stress from work. Otherwise, the threat of brain stroke will be increasing day by day and eventually it will take a lot of lives in the future.

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